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BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Kāju Sargi
  • BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Kāju Sargi

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    BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Kāju Sargi

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    The MX3 Shin Guards from Bauer are the latest premier shin guard that Bauer will offer out of their Supreme TotalOne line of protective. The MX3 Shins follow in the footsteps of previous Supreme gear, and they feature the classic anatomical fit that Supreme is known for. The pad will fit close to the body for a natural feel. This fit makes the MX3 great for promoting mobility. Bauer has also added a new Strap Lock System and Integrated Sleeve Lock. The Integrated Sleeve Lock is a new concept to the hockey market and is the first of it's kind. The pad features an internal sleeve that will keep you locked in place throughout the entire skate and offer a comfortable, snug feel. In cooperation, the Strap Lock System uses a new, comfortable strap design that will reduce the pinching of your arm straps.

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