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BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Plecu Sargs
  • BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Plecu Sargs

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    BAUER Supreme Total One MX3 Sr Plecu Sargs

    105.00 EUR EUR 159.00
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    Increased mobility doesn't have to compromise protection. You’ll get the best of both worlds by wearing Bauer’s Supreme TotalOne MX3 Shoulder Pads.
    Molded Vent Armor protects your shoulder caps and back kidney panels. Protecting your sternum is FleXorb technology with Vent Armor foam inserts. Mid-density foam front-side panels have molded Vent Armor foam to soften the blows. High-density Vent Armor foam protects your spine, one of the most vulnerable areas on your torso. An adjustable Free Flex bicep guard and removable Vent Armor foam belly pad adds adjustability and customizability.
    Player mobility and protection are enhanced by an anatomical fit. An Extension Fit arm strap system on the arm pads and a patented Free Flex chest construction ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The liner utilizes Bauer’s revolutionary 37.5™ technology to maximize the evaporation of moisture and perforated foam to help keep you dry and cool.
    While wearing the Supreme TotalOne MX3 Shoulder Pads, your game will start to take shape.
    430 Grams
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