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BAUER Vapor X90 Hokeja Nūja
  • BAUER Vapor X90 Hokeja Nūja
  • BAUER Vapor X90 Hokeja Nūja

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    BAUER Vapor X90 Hokeja Nūja

    124.00 EUR EUR 145.00
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    The Bauer Vapor X90 Grip Composite Stick comes in second in line to the throne.  With high-end features, you get quality without the king-sized price tag. The X90 is made from quality 12K carbon fiber throughout the shaft and a 3K carbon weave wrap in the blade, ultimately offering you a well-balanced and responsive feel. Also built into the X90 is Intelli-Sense Shot Technology, giving you better shots all around.

    The Intelli-Sense Flex Profile is an advanced dual-kick-point system that gives players the optimal flex profile based on the type of the shot being taken and the location of their lower hand on the stick. Wrist shots and snap shots activate the low kick point while slap shots and snap shots activate the softened handle at the top of the stick to flex creating a secondary flex zone. This dual kick point allows for players to gain optimal flex on either kick point.

    Just a small drop behind the X100, the X90 stays strong with the high-quality 12K carbon fiber shaft and 3K carbon weave blade. Upgraded carbon gives players an overall balanced feel without sacrificing weight. Enjoy a high-quality stick that knows you all too well and provides you with immediate


    Player Profile
    Ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots

    Kick Point / Flex Profile
    Intelli-sense shot technology - dual flex zones. Low flex point for quick release and accuracy and mid flex point for power

    Shaft Construction
    Visible Premium lightweight 12k Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass with Fused construction - traditional tenon and hosel joint

    Shaft Geometry
    Micro Feel II - rounded corners and double concave walls

    Shaft Coating

    Shaft Taper    
    Vapor premium dual taper - Micro Feel II shaft taper plus secondary taper along top and bottom surfaces

    Blade Core
    Aero Foam 3. Pure Shot Blade Profile - expanded throat design

    Blade Wrap
    Premium lightweight 3k Carbon Fiber

    Blade Coating
    Matte finish

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