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REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas
  • REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas
  • REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas
  • REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas
  • REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas

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    REEBOK Ribcor Hokeja Slidas

    450.00 EUR EUR 650.00
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    Sometimes you may wonder here's this high-priced stick and high-priced skate with the same name. Is it possible to integrate the stick's similar technology into the skate? With the RIBCOR Ice Skates by Reebok, yes it is absolutely possible. Get the same pop that you get in your shots right in your strides.

    Every upgrade we've seen by Reebok in past years has been simple cosmetic lifts and quiet technology changes. This year is something entirely different, ultimately producing unprecedented looks, features, technology, and most of all speed. Exactly what NHL players ordered for Pro level performance.

    The outside starts with a redesigned all black boot with lime green RIBCOR and Reebok logos, the perfect accents to make this boot look secretly dangerous. Hidden in the boot construction is RIBCOR Pro, an enhanced Pro Ribbed reinforcement that provides superior agility, support, and harnesses your flexion for maximum power in your stride, exactly as the RIBCOR stick harnesses your flex for a serious shot.

    The infamous Pump continues with it's unmatched quality of providing Pro level customizable comfort and performance, it's the one technology that over the years has not become obsolete. Adding to the Pro Level comfort and performance are the EPP foam for lightweight thermoformable core, Dual Zone with Clarino liner for a dry foot all game, Griptonite footbed that allows your foot to stay put for game long activation of the RIBCOR technology, and lastly the Pro Felt & EPE Foam tongue for anatomical fit and max protection from pucks and sticks.

    Weighing in at only 850 grams the RIBCOR would like to thank the Vented Lightweight Carbon Composite Outsole that creates a lightweight low profile vented bottom that minimizes mass, maximizes energy transfer, and delivers a reactive feel throughout every stride.

    Rounding out the high class RIBCOR are the SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder and SpeedBlade Black Runner. The 4.0 holder not only brings back the traditional holder in a revolutionary design, but ultimately increases the attack angle providing greater strides, increased turning radius for your straight-away and cornering pleasure. SpeedBlade Black adds to the already intense profile look of the RIBCOR but even more importantly this runner is treated for longer edge life, and is resistant to corrosion.

    So to whomever said integrating stick technology into a skate couldn't be done...MYTH - BUSTED! The RIBCOR is the ultimate skating machine providing comfort, mobility, flexibility, and power. The pop in your shot is now your stride.


    Heat Moldable
    Yes, Improves break-in time.

    SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder, Type of skate blade holder.

    SpeedBlade Black, Type of skate blade.

    Tongue Material
    Pro Felt & EPE Foam Hybrid Tongue, Type of material and design of the tongue.

    Boot Construction

    RIBCOR Pro, Type of material the product is primarily made of.


    Dual Zone Liner w/ Tacky Nash & Durable Clarin, Type of inner liner material.

    Outsole Construction
    Vented Light Weight Carbon Composite, Type of material the outsole is made of.

    Griptonite, Type/Brand of footbed in each boot.


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